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What makes SensAqua Multisensor unique?

3 minutes

It takes only 3 minutes to make a integral water quality test instead of 96 hours with Daphnia Magna.


Biological indicators are not required. As well as refrigerators and microscopes.


Just unpack it, plug in to the wall outlet and start measuring accurate and precise.

About SensAqua Multisensor

The most important details about SensAqua Multisensor.
Everyone you see is made of water

SensAqua technology based on an analysis of water quality integrated indicators: chemical oxygen demand (COD), ammonium nitrogen and nitrate nitrogen.

Unlike currently widely used analysis techniques, SensAqua technology does not require any pretreatment of samples and their careful and fast transport to the laboratory, maintaining of microorganisms colonies, complex processes and equipment or highly qualified personnel.

SensAqua device can be used directly on site of the sample taking with any person or without the person in autonomous mode and deliver accurate results of the analysis to the monitoring center in just 3 minutes.

  • Human body

    Up-to 85 % of the human body is water.

  • Water area

    71 % of the Earth is covered with water.

  • Infant mortality

    One in five child deaths worldwide from a water-related disease.


    12,5 % of people don't have access to safe water supplies.


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Experience in production and sales of sensors, development of devices, as well as the development of measurement techniques. Implementation of complex research projects in the field of analytical chemistry, including multisensory technologies.
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